Our fleet: Modern & well equipped

From pharmaceutically-certified refrigerated trailers to practical container semi-trailers and universal swap-body vehiclesFRACHTLOTSEN is equipped for almost any challenge. Our fleet consisting of hazmat-ready vehicles gives wings to any package.

Pharmaceutically-certified refrigerated trailers

Be it for wholesale or factory transport: When we transport pharmaceutical products, our trailers with integrated refrigeration units guarantee steady temperatures … throughout the journey.

Dry freight trailer

Our dry cargo semi-trailers are as strong as an ox and are ideal for the transportation of goods that need to reach their destination not only dry but also safely and reliably. This could be anything from electronic goods to spices.

Double deck trailer

Need to transport particularly sensitive or unstackable goods? No problem. Our double deck trailers can deal with this. Cleverly loaded, an articulated truck with double deck trailer can dispense with the need for a second vehicle.

Swap-body vehicles

FRACHTLOTSEN employs swap-body vehicles particularly for general cargo operations.

Want to gain first-hand experience of the FRACHTLOTSEN fleet?

You may be disappointed! In Schwarzenbruck, you're unlikely to see more than two vehicles from our fleet at any one time. To offer our customers good value for money, our HGVs are out at all hours. In the whole of Germany and beyond.

And what about the environment?

Sustainable business relations are very important to us – as too is the sustainable use of resources. For this reason, we are open to innovations and always opt for the latest technologies. Anyone can say this, though, right? At FRACHTLOTSEN, we put the money where the mouth is: We're not just jumping on the bandwagon now. We've been involved in this for a while.

Nachhaltige Transporte

Moreover, our team has six fully electric service vehicles at its disposal. For the most part these are charged with electricity from our own photovoltaic systems. This means that the average CO2 emissions of our HGVs is 73 g / km, our share of electric mobility is an impressive 40 percent.

Sichere Transporte

Equal power, reduced CO2 output: In our fleet there are eight LNG trucks in use.

100 percent of our articulated and swap-body vehicles meet the Euro VI standard. The average age of our fleet is less than two years old

Umweltfreundliche Transporte

All of our diesel commercial vehicles are additionally equipped with special fuel economy programs.

A portion of it with Volvo I-Save, which reduces CO2 emissions by up to 10%.

FRACHTLOTSEN drives for a better tomorrow

Nachhaltiges transportunternehmen

less nitrogen oxide

Umweltfreundliches Transportunternehmen

less CO₂

Ökologisches Transportunternehmen

fewer particulates

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