FRACHTLOTSEN delivers – safely and reliably. That's a promise.

Founded as KITLIK Trans GmbH, FRACHTLOTSEN has grown consistently into a medium-sized freight forwarding company with its main office in Schwarzenbruck in the 'Nürnberger Land' district. Thanks to an experienced core workforce, a highly modern fleet of vehicles and a dedicated workshop, we can master all logistical requirements. Be it from A to B or one minute to the next – our team makes almost any transport task possible … we've been doing it for over 30 years!

The abridged story of FRACHTLOTSEN

Ridvan Kitlik founded KITLIK Trans GmbH at the beginning of 90s. We started off with just one customer: the trans-o-flex Express.

1995 to 2007: Our fleet consisted of 15 HGVs. Even though at the turn of the century there wasn't much unravelling to do, we started back then to develop our strength today: optimised vehicle planning. To achieve better fleet utilisation, we accepted jobs that other freight forwarders were reluctant to take on. It may have been because they had to be carried out at unconventional times or there was not much profit to be gained.

Udo Mattern joined the company in 2007. To begin with, he worked exclusively in accounting at KITLIK Trans GmbH – but over the years his remit gradually expanded.

The flexible scheduling constantly improved our team – and by 2011 there was almost no deadheading because we took on short-notice special deliveries and gained new customers in the process. Now FRACHTLOTSEN was finally able to balance the diverse requirements of various logistics companies.

In 2018, Ridvan Kitlik handed over the reigns of the company that he founded to Udo Mattern who for decades had already been responsible for managing operations at KITLIK Trans GmbH. This change of ownership was an opportunity to better communicate to the outside world the beating heart of the company: In 2021, FRACHTLOTSEN was born.

Today, we have created a national network that enables us to support our customers as a reliable problem solver.


Our team support you in full: from individual planning to punctual delivery.


The FRACHTLOTSEN fleet comprises exclusively first-class vehicles.

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