Pharmaceutical transport: Promoting good health

FRACHTLOTSEN's main area of business involves the forwarding of high quality goods such as multimedia products from A to B. We can and we're happy to do this. What we are particularly proud of, however, is the fact that we transport especially valuable goods just as regularly. Valuable not just because of their high cost – but because the drugs that we deliver help to improve a patient's well-being. We take on this responsibility. And that's why we are punctual. That's why we have pharmaceutically-certified vehicles. For this reason, we continue to expand our skill set

Pharmatransporte Frachtlotsen

Pharmatransporte Frachtlotsen This also includes pharmaceutical certification (GDP) and GPS monitoring of our refrigerated semi-trailers.

To ensure that the refrigerated chain remains unbroken, FRACHTLOTSEN has developed its own alarm management system.

If required, we also provide special solutions for temperature-controlled transport operations between 2 and 8°C and 15 and 25°C.

We can record the temperature in the refrigerated semi-trailer, if desired, along with the date and the time at which the measurement was taken. This temperature protocol will be sent electronically to you.

Those who forward valuable freight must handle it expertly. Our drivers can do this – we keep their expertise up-to-date with regular training.

FRACHTLOTSEN can be reached 24/7 – this goes without saying (not just) for pharmaceutical transport.

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