Special deliveries: On standby for you

Need to have something extra dispatched in next to no time? With FRACHTLOTSEN you can beat the clock. Our optimised vehicle planning system enables us to take on orders with a short chain of command (often within minutes) and also realise short-notice specials (even large numbers of items) within the given deadline.

Sonderfahrten Frachtführer

FRACHTLOTSEN is a master at multitasking

Be it important medication that needs to be taken immediately to Nuremberg, chilled products that are expected over the course of the day in Munich or radioactive goods that have to arrive the next day in Hamburg – FRACHTLOTSEN finds a solution. After all, special deliveries are our strength. No challenge is too big, no deadline is too tight: A clever logistics system gives us the ability to manage numerous demands flexibly and economically.

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