Optimised network traffic: Smart transporters

FRACHTLOTSEN does not just bring various goods reliably to their destination. It also helps medium-sized hauliers to optimise existing network traffic. Always better to work together. And by better we mean more economical and environmentally friendlier.

Netzwerkverkehre Frachtlotsen

Create round trips

Netzwerkverkehre Leerfahrten minimieren

Minimise deadheading

Nachhaltige Netzwerkverkehre

Reduce CO2 emissions

Diverse requirements, one partner with a plan

In the last 30 years, we have impressed more and more customers and in the process created an international network for ourselves. Now you can profit from this: While other freight forwarders just transport goods from A to B, FRACHTLOTSEN combines planned regular forwarding operations with short-notice special deliveries from a range of customers. For example, some logistics companies commission us with three hours of work in the morning and others with five hours of deliveries in the afternoon or evening. For some logistics companies, we regularly drive from Munich to Nuremberg while for others we drive from Nuremberg to Hamburg.

If you commission us at short notice with a delivery, it is probable that one of our trucks will be there where you need it, when you need it.

Netzwerkverkehre Frachtführer

Want to optimise your network traffic?

Use our know-how!