Our mission statement: To deliver "haul"-heartedly

Drive to spur our company on. Transport to give patients a little hope. Be it modern machines or sensitive drugs that need to be moved by road – FRACHTLOTSEN does its best on a daily basis to make people's lives better. And to make logistics companies' day-to-day life easier.

Frachtlotsen Spedition

What distinguishes us as a freight forwarder?

Probably not the fact that we have over 100 modern trucks that shine so wonderfully bright in the sun – many have a fleet like ours. It is more likely the skilled hands on the steering wheel and the clever controllers in the tower that make a difference: People who deliver with heart and soul day in, day out and make sure that their customers' goods reach the destination reliably.

Clever logistics

Despite the urgency, decisions at FRACHTLOTSEN are never made recklessly. Our experienced schedulers prove every day that they have what it takes – starting from the careful recruiting of new employees to strategic operational planning and job management in next to no time. And they do this around the clock, every day of the week.

Digital but also personal

Those who want to keep pace with the increasingly complex demands of modern logistics have to keep their finger on the pulse. This is why FRACHTLOTSEN regularly invests in new technologies. Of course, we will never fully digitalise our processes because at the heart of our operations is always a person with unique requirements. And to meet these, a personal connection is needed as well as a service tailored to each individual situation.

Economic transport

Our team doesn't make any unnecessary trips. We can't afford to. FRACHTLOTSEN therefore places particular importance on efficient navigation. We drive loaded to the destination, have the goods unloaded and then drive to the next customer. This approach assures long-term business partnerships: Commission us with a short-notice special delivery and one of our trucks is bound to be near you.

Frachtführer Spediteur Schwarzenbruck

Small diversion, big effect – a good outcome all round:

  • Customers benefit from good value and reliable forwarding at beck and call
  • Our co-workers benefit from family-friendly working hours and secure jobs
  • The environment benefits from lower CO2 emissions

No wonder that FRACHTLOTSEN was distinguished by the Bavarian Wirtschaftsministerium (department of trade and industry) in 2013 as one of the 50 best medium-sized companies in the Free State ("Bavarian's Best 50“). Moreover, we are avid members of the umbrella brand Nürnberger Land.

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